KAZAN HALL, October 22 09:30 — 10:30

Intelligent Economy

Today the rapid scientific and technical progress makes companies change in order to preserve existing and acquire new competitive advantages. The main feature of the organization of the future will be the constant adaptation to a dynamic external environment and to the process of universal digitalization. These features – such as great flexibility, motivation of teams, desire to diversify and increase of competitiveness – are on the forefront. More and more enterprises will use the technology of the so-called third platform, which determine the vector of changes: clouds, mobile services, big data analytics and social networks. And in order to stay in the loop, companies need to change from the inside, revising their own strategies and management systems on an ongoing basis.

Why all the changes? What actions are needed on a strategic level for an effective change management in a company? How to prepare personnel for the changes? According to which vector are companies changing under the influence of technologies of the third platform? What business strategy meets the conditions of the digital world?