Startup Factory. How The Cities and Corporations Create Innovation

11 Apr

In today’s world, cities and corporations actively collaborate to create innovative startups. This allows them to develop new technologies, improve the quality of life and increase competitiveness in the market.

Cities provide startups with access to infrastructure, educational resources, and business partners. They also create favorable conditions for development of startups, such as tax incentives, access to financing and support from local authorities. Corporations, for their part, invest in startups to gain access to new technologies and ideas. They also partner with startups to improve their products and services.

Such support tools in many ways help startups to develop, test and implement their products, attract investment, scale up and go to the market.

  • How is an idea turned into a successful startup?
  • The place and role of startups in achieving technological sovereignty.
  • Why do corporations need new solutions from the outside?
  • How to tell if a startup is promising for a company to invest in?
  • What should be done at different levels to form effective links between different participants of Moscow’s innovation ecosystem?
  • How does Moscow support the development of technology startups?