Dead Pixel. Future of Russian GameDev

11 Apr

The Russian gaming industry has gone through a period of turbulence, gained autonomy and began to recognize itself in the new economic and geopolitical conditions. From the stage of survival, restructuring the business and trying to save teams, the gaming industry is moving towards active actions. A step towards development involves creating infrastructure, providing trainings and searching for talents, launching of both indie and AAA products, searching for new partnerships domestically and in new regions of the world. The state is not standing idly by as it not only views this industry as a form of modern media, but also seeks to regulate it.

  • Gaming industry conditions now and in one year
  • Development of game engines, game production and distribution tools
  • Indie vs AAA games
  • Tools for financing game development
  • Approach towards the industry regulation
  • Points of attraction for the industry development Where will the main jobs, orders for technology development and investments be aggregated?