Digital Products. Protein Race and Unicorn Meat

11 Apr

Economical recession, global warming and healthy life style obsession — these have all brought changes in the culinary domain. Having analyzed the new input data, scientists started thinking of how to feed the Earth’s population. Protein from insects, meat from a test tube, ingredients from algae and enriched food – this is how experts see the future of food. New trends in bioengineering, medicine, bio- and food technology, as well as in food processing and cooking technologies have launched active development and production of alternative products ready to replace the usual food. During the session the experts will discuss:

  • Food of the future: what will it be like? Will the vegetable meat replace natural meat?
  • What should the food of the future be like to be in demand with customers?
  • Will we eat meat made of insects? What food can be 3D-printed already today?
  • Will people in Russia accept and get accustomed to alternative food?