Who Opens the Fashion Show? Technologies in Fashion Industry

11 Apr

Innovation is becoming the new driver of the fashion industry, permeating all aspects of the industry, from design processes to the consumer experience. The introduction of the latest technologies is changing the idea of style, making it more personalized and interactive. Artificial intelligence, WEB 3.0 with the development of virtual reality and meta universes, 3D printing, and other digital platforms are coming together to make fashion more progressive and open. A particular focus of fashion companies today is on AI tools. The possibilities of neural networks are revolutionizing the fashion world. Many brands outsource part of their tasks to generative networks when developing collections and launching advertising campaigns. AI algorithms can quickly create creative images and intelligent interfaces, taking into account the intentions of users and thus increasing the probability of conversion for the brand. Obviously, those who take into account the needs of the customer and the market as a whole, win. They will become leaders in today’s rapidly changing environment. As part of this session, experts will discuss:

  • How do advances in technology in fashion affect brands and consumers?
  • Can digitally-generated fashion replace traditional fashion?
  • How willing are fashion brands to change their business model to adapt to new AI trends?
  • What does the future hold for traditional fashion designers? Are they able to adapt to the new format and work with innovative tools, or will IT specialists take their place?