Technological tomorrow. What innovations are the government, investors and technology giants betting on?

11 Apr

After a period of crisis and instability, there comes the time to rethink and restart vital processes.
Modern entrepreneurs need to think ahead, but today is the critical moment for making decisions that will have an impact for several years to come. Although the results are still far away, it is already possible to identify areas where resources, investments and efforts should be concentrated, and predict the likelihood of emergence of Russian “unicorns” in the near future.

The main focus of the panel discussion will be the businesses and products of the future. Investors, representatives of major corporations and the state will share their experience, their ideas of how to stimulate growth and where they are ready to direct investments in the coming years.

  • What technologies and products do the government, investors and large corporations invest in today?
  • What could be a potential source of the emergence of products of the future?
  • What can business and government do to create and develop global products in Russia?