Technophilosophy. Digital and scientific and technological development

11 Apr

Temporary economy stabilization forms the basis and provides an incentive for the accelerated development of digital technologies, supported by government initiatives and high activity of market players seeking to occupy niches left vacant after the exodus of foreign companies from Russia.

Major industrial players are now creating new market segments with an increased demand for domestic technological solutions, thus giving way for small companies to become the drivers of economic development.

Import substitution programs are expected to yield their first results in a couple of years. In order for new domestic solutions to be more than mediocre copies of Western products, and in line with the updated development strategy, the state and businesses must think long-term and strive not only to replace but also to create their own promising technologies not yet implemented anywhere in the world. It is small hi-tech companies, not limited by the corporate framework and capable of developing something interesting from technological point of view, that must become the main heroes in solving this task.

  • But is there an understanding of what products must be developed right now? Does the industry have a strategic vision of what the products must be like in the future?
  • Are there enough technologies, scientists and development specialists in Russia to make this ambition come true?
  • Forecasting the vectors of digital technology development and assessment of implementation of today’s state initiatives in the realm of digital development
  • Visionary approach as a goal-setting tool for import substitution programs — is it possible?
  • What opportunities are available to small and medium-sized developers who are now outside the perimeter of Industrial Competence Centers but have ready-made solutions?