Up Without the Pilot. Development of UAV

11 Apr

The UAV industry is experiencing rapid growth and we are going to see multiple generations of technology solutions replace each other within the next few decades. Today, this industry badly needs innovative products and solutions that will lay its foundation, as well as projects that will allow our country to take a leading position in the world arena of UAVs.

The national UAV development project provides for “opening the sky” for drones in terms of regulatory changes, as well as to create technical tools for monitoring and managing the drones traffic. In addition, there are plans to provide support measures for domestic manufacturers (both of drones themselves and their components) and the market as a whole. In the next three years, about 100 billion rubles will be allocated for creating new production sites and expanding the product range.

  • Stages of implementation of the national project on BAS. Where are we and what can we expect?
  • Current problems with UAS certification, how soon will it be available to developers of unmanned vehicles?
  • Personnel for UAS as an industry driver
  • New growth paths in BRICS markets
  • Will BRICS help us with import substitution?