High Tech Combo. Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence

11 Apr

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a major technological trend in recent years. Large language models and other generative artificial intelligence systems are revolutionizing many technological and business processes, and even causing controversy about the possibility of a general artificial intelligence equal to human in the foreseeable future. However, progress in this area has become possible largely due to the use of enormous computing resources, and further development will inevitably require the involvement of ever greater computing power. In this regard, there is a surge of interest in alternative computing models, such as analog computers and quantum computers.
From a fundamental point of view, quantum computers are a qualitatively different computing paradigm, potentially surpassing classical ones in many tasks. The participants of the discussion will discuss the prospects of using this technology in the field of artificial intelligence.

  • What are the potential benefits of using quantum computing in artificial intelligence tasks?
  • What existing bottlenecks could be overcome using quantum algorithms? Is there a request from the AI community here?
  • What is the status of quantum hardware developments in the world and in Russia? Can existing quantum computers be useful in AI tasks now or in the near future? To what extent do AI-related tasks determine the vectors of development in the field of quantum computing?
  • And in the opposite direction, how can artificial intelligence be useful for quantum technologies?