Government development programs, money or infrastructure. What business support practices are most in demand and effective?

11 Apr

There is a hypothesis that government policy and regulation are an obstacle to business. However, entrepreneurs often know little about government support measures and therefore consider them ineffective. In fact, the state and development institutions can support entrepreneurs, create thriving technology ecosystems and promote the development of new technologies. During the panel discussion, invited speakers will share their experience of supporting innovative businesses through development programs, grants and innovation infrastructure. They will tell you what strategies and support measures they have created for creating and developing an innovation landscape thanks to feedback from entrepreneurs.

  • What support measures and strategic initiatives exist for entrepreneurs and why is so little known about them?
  • What problematic aspects of government support exist?
  • How to evaluate the results of the activities of the state and individual development institutions and their contribution to innovative development?
  • What support measures are most in demand from businesses?