Opportunity Ecosystems. Digital platforms for people and entrepreneurs

11 Apr

Creating digital ecosystems is one of the most promising business development models of the 21st century. A digital ecosystem combines various services and technologies to provide users with convenient access to all the necessary services in a single platform.

Today, digital ecosystems are successfully functioning in various business sectors such as e-commerce, finance, food technology, media, entertainment, and healthcare. No less prominent are they in the public sector, providing citizens and companies with more convenient access to urban and government services.

During the panel discussion, the speakers will share their experience in creating digital ecosystems. They will discuss future plans and share their vision for the development of digital platforms, new technologies and innovations that can be implemented to improve the user experience and expand functional capabilities.

  • What are the advantages of digital ecosystems for the end user (individual or corporate) and for the brand itself?
  • Does every company or organization need a digital ecosystem? Where to start and how to build it effectively?
  • What are the next steps in developing digital ecosystems and implementing new technologies?