TRANSFORMER, October 21 11:15 — 12:15

Human in a hyperconnected world. How, thanks to technologies, are created multi-level communication methods that change the usual map of states and borders?

If we look at the needs of modern business, the main goal of a quantum computer is to accelerate large-scale computing operations, to be able to carry them out in "real time", thus increasing business productivity. Most often these are various optimization algorithms, data analysis and decision-making, AI (QML – Quantum Machine Learning) and cybersecurity (Quantum Cybersecurity). But quanta are not only about computing, but also the quantum internet, quantum neural networks and a potentially new quality of digital infrastructure.

Honeywell, Google, IBM. Leading companies are now in the race. Technology of which company will allow to present to the market a computer with the required accuracy, stability, reliability, convenient programming, or simply capable of doing something useful...?

Questions for discussion:
· When will the world see at least one task with which a quantum computer will manage better than traditional computing technology?
· In which sectors will the revolution occur?
· Quantum supremacy – a capitalization game or a real product?