AMALTEA, October 19 15:45 — 16:45

The adaptability of enterprises and individuals, from the collective to the individual. Processes and conditions, effective approaches in a new reality

At the beginning of 2020 the world has drowned in "infodemia" – in the conditions of information chaos and disinformation it is more and more difficult to make rational and thoughtful decisions. Teams of "myth busters" have become the realities of our time, they are working for Facebook, Google, Youtube, VKontakte and other large services to launch new instruments to reveal fake news and other destructive information regarding the life and safety of society.
Let's discuss how artificial intelligence technologies would help us get to the truth and not get caught up in fake sensations. Will robot journalists write news, create headlines and recognize fakes as efficient as professional editors soon?

  • How the development of artificial intelligence technologies has influenced modern communications and the profession of a journalist?
  • Should we fight fake news or leave the audience the right to decide for themselves?
  • What are the goals of their creators?
  • Why is it important to automate fake news identification?
  • What qualities should have the algorithm to be entrusted to check facts?