Open Stage, October 21 12:00 — 13:30


Today, the whole world is in search of technological inspiration: states are looking for a path to fast and efficient digital transformation, companies are looking for new technological niches, people are in a rapidly changing world.

Technical creativity is one of the tools for creating a creative knowledge economy and answers to the question of how to stay relevant. Technology enthusiasts and maker communities are gaining popularity and are becoming the place of origin of breakthrough ideas and innovative leaders. For modern youth, studies show that it is important not only to earn, but also to produce something useful, to express oneself through your project. Generation Z is important to strike a balance between the tasks that real life poses and the pleasure of doing them.

As part of the discussion, real technology enthusiasts - organizers and participants of festivals, hackathons, competitions, maker clubs and other technology popularization projects will share their sources of technological inspiration

In partnership with RVC