Ruben Oganesyan

Director of Strategic Marketing and Digital Transformation, Group MEDIA1

Since the beginning of 2015, Ruben headed the Peretz channel (CTC Media holding). Prior to that, he worked as the general director of the U channel. Ruben Oganesyan repositioned the channel, as a result of which he managed to firmly occupy his niche in the female audience and show a significant increase in the audience share. From 2016 to May 2019, he held the post of Deputy General Director for Strategic Marketing of TNT channel (owned by Gazprom-Media. Under the leadership of Ruben Oganesyan, the following events and changes took place:
marketing launch of the TNT-Premier OTT service, full marketing preparation and launch of the TNT-Premier OTT service, overfulfillment of the KPI for subscribers and unique users by 6 times, within the framework of TNT Premier launch of the series House Arrest, Call DiCaprio, Year
culture ”and others (from trailers and social networks to partisan marketing in telegram channels). And also: increase in coverage, engagement and number of social subscribers. There are more than 2 times more TNT networks, restyling of the TV channel, thanks to which the brand has become visually relevant
and in the digital environment, building a unified marketing 360 system in all distribution media, increasing the efficiency of media purchases by 30% thanks to the introduction of a tendering system and improving digital expertise, as a result of more than 100 million rubles in savings in
year, a record number of awards in the history of Russian TV at Promax (the main world award in television marketing), Effie and other prestigious international festivals.
Ruben Oganesyan - speaker, has many publications in the following magazines: “Forbes”, “Adindex”, Kommersant, Vedomosti, etc.

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