Aleksandr Polyakov

MosTransProekt, Director

About speaker

Director of Research and Development Institute for Urban Transportation SBI “MosTransProekt”.
Chairman of the Eurasian UITP Division, UITP vice-president.
He worked in the structures of Russian Railways, in the IT Department of the Government of Moscow, in Moscow Traffic Control Centre as Deputy Head of Transport Planning and Information and Analytical Procurement.
Under the leadership of Mr. Polyakov a number of significant projects for the Moscow city have been developed and implemented, such as:
– development and implementation of the Transportation Management Plan in Moscow during the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup; – development of Integrated Traffic Management Scheme (ITMS); – creation of a Dynamic Transport Model of street and road network of Moscow; – development and optimization of route network; – LRT Design.
In May 2016, Mr. Polyakov was awarded with a certificate of gratitude from the Mayor of Moscow - Mr. Sobyanin - for his contribution to the development of Moscow transport system.