Aleksey Martyanov

Gazprombank, Vice President — Head of Department

About speaker

Graduated from the Department of Financial Management of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in 2011.
He began his career at ZAO KB Citibank, where he held executive positions in various areas of the retail business and was responsible for customer acquisition, business development within the salary projects area, Customer engagement strategy, CM LifeCycle, work with customer churn, etc.
Then he continued his career at Russian Standard Bank, where he was responsible for the development of remote channels for the sale of credit cards. At the moment, more than 9 years of experience in Bank GPB (JSC): until 2017, he was responsible for the development of sales of retail products and services of the bank, the development of remote sales channels, automation and implementation of a targeted marketing system.
He currently heads the CRM Department, where he is responsible for creating conditions for long-term relationships with clients and increasing the profitability of the client base.