Ilya Kalagin

ITeco, head of the cognitive technologies Centre

About speaker

Head of the Cognitive Technologies Centre I-Teco Responsible for forming products and projects teams to solve problems in the key areas of artificial intelligence: Natural Language Processing, Сomputer Vision and Voice Technologies. Takes an active part in promoting the center's products and technologies. He has had extensive experience in implementing large-scale high-tech projects in business and government organizations. More than 15 years of experience in managing IT projects and implementing innovations. He is a PhD and has an expert level of knowledge in the subject area (an engineer with a degree in Automatic systems of information processing and management) and in the field of management (he graduated Presidential Program for Managers and Executives Training for the Enterprises of National Economy). An author of 18 scientific publications, a co-author of the Chapter «Textbook 4CIO», a scientific consultant of the translation of the «The Deep Learning AI Playbook: Strategy for Disruptive Artificial Intelligence» by Carlos E. Perez

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