Kirill Ignatev

Russian Investments, Chairman of the Board of Directors

About speaker

Russian futurologist, economist, technology investor. Graduated from the Faculty of International Economic Relations of MGIMO and the Academy of the Deputy Corps. He began his career at the USSR Foreign Ministry. He worked as First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Television and Radio Company Ostankino, First Deputy General Director, Director for Economics and Finance of CJSC ORT. Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the first convocation. Since 1999 is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian Investments group of companies. Collector, philanthropist and bidder for the acquisition of A. Tarkovsky's archive at the Sothebys auction. From May 2019 is a member of the ASI Expert Council. Investor in IT projects, production of composite products, industrial design and urban environment design. Annually publishes a chronological forecast of the future until the end of the XXI century. The popular lecturer is a visionary.