Technological Parity. New Balance of Power in Global Markets

10.04.2024 11:45

In the current conditions of a new world order and a fragmented society, each state now needs to create its own technological developments. Countries that have not been seen in accelerated technological development before risk becoming digitally, informationally and economically dependent on foreign technologies and developments.

But how do we avoid taking steps towards a digital dictatorship? Cooperation is needed between governments, technology companies and society as a whole.
Now countries that did not prioritize digital development are systematically strengthening their positions, and there is a change in points of influence. Technologies are beginning to be developed internally rather than “imported”.

  • How are these processes taking place and what role can the BRICS+ nations play in this?
  • How do we avoid taking steps towards a digital dictatorship?
  • What needs to be done at different levels to create a competitive product, taking into account prospective market requirements?
  • The place and role of technological sovereignty in enhancing national independence.
  • What opportunities have emerged for Russia to strengthen its digital sovereignty?
  • How do we build a super economy?