Technologies as a Key to Sovereignty

10.04.2024 10:00

Large-scale transformation of the global economy, caused by man-made, social and political challenges facing humanity, forces countries to look for new formats of economic development that are different from globalization. There is a consensus among experts that any new growth models are still based on essential and fundament scientific research and efficient transformation of their results into hi-tech products and businesses. Following the requirements of the man of the future, new businesses form a technological basis for a long-term sovereignty of states.

  • How can the cooperation between the state and technology developers be fine-tuned for accelerated transformation of research results into working businesses?
  • What knowledge-intensive spheres are most susceptible to investments today and are able to provide for return of investor’s funds in the medium term?
  • What are the modern innovation trends and markers of technological development? What knowledge-intensive products are best poised to make it to the market?