VTB launched a digital transformation strategy last year, the bank is actively changing, more than a thousand IT development teams have been created. During a pandemic, remote work is especially important so that employees can share ideas, communicate, exchange experiences with colleagues from the bank and other companies. To this end, VTB has implemented a series of online events, including online home parties and meetups.

VTB's online flat parties were held in the summer as part of IT conferences.

In June, VTB's teams implementing the Digital Credit platform, automated testing of systems for retail business, as well as the remote banking project testing team spoke at the Heisenbug 2020 online apartment house.

In July Digital Platform for Developers project and API platform development teams have shared their experience at JPoint 2020 conference.

On the online homeowners one could not only get a lot of positive emotions, new knowledge and ideas, but also eat pizza with colleagues.

In the fall, VTB launched a series of online meetups. The first took place in early October. It presented a case study of HR automation from VTB and SAP. Experts told how to speed up payroll calculation by 5 times.

At the second meetup, which took place on October 15, they discussed how to "fit" agile practices into the work of the corporation: teams and roles within, current cases, the most common mistakes and the transformational potential of the approach.

The third meetup dedicated to robotization in corporations will take place on October 28. It will be attended by VTB specialists, as well as experts from the Russian Railways Technologies and MTS companies.