Korea-Russia Innovation Center

Korea–Russia Innovation Center (KRIC)
Korea-Russia Innovation Center (KRIC), one of specialized R&D Center in KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology), supports technology cooperation between Korea and Russia by commercializing a huge amount of fundamental technologies belonging to Russia, and also assists small and medium-sized enterprises by providing technical solutions. The Korean-Russian Innovation Center is positioned as a leader in the field of innovative technologies, contributing to the development of small and medium-sized businesses through cooperation and interaction with Russia
The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), a R&D institute funded by Korean government, is established to support small and medium enterprises. KITECH is mainly focused on the development of commercialization techniques in all industrial sectors. KITECH has 3 specialized research centers, 7 regional headquarters, and a total of 49 regionally specialized organizations to support various fields of regional industries. Furthermore, in addition to domestic support, KITECH runs overseas offices in USA, China, Vietnam and Indonesia for international R&D cooperation.