Public chat

Rules for using chats

  1. Terms and conditions of chat rules:
    1. Users entering the chat, commit themselves voluntarily to abide by the rules listed below.
    2. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violations, we strongly recommend that you read them.
  2. It is recommended in the chat:
    1. To communicate, share information and discuss any topics, as well as perform any other actions except those listed in paragraph 3.
    2. Continue communication outside the site and chat (with the person's consent).
    3. Offer chat improvements, complain about poor chat performance.
  3. In the chat it is strictly prohibited:
    1. Fraud: — reports of any illegal financial transactions, sales, exchanges, donations; — creating fakes and deepfakes without coordination with the organizers; — t is strictly forbidden to impersonate the moderator / administrator of the event, if you are not.
    2. Swearing and veiled swearing.
      Swearing (words, phrases) and veiled swearing (euphemisms, incomplete words, abbreviations, words with the replacement of one or more letters, words with asterisks, etc.), profanity in any language, in any encoding, as well as discrimination against racial, national, religious or other grounds, nationalistic, racial slogans and statements.
    3. Meaningless spam.
  4. The rights of the moderator / administrator:
    1. If the administrator or moderator believes that any user action interferes with other users, he is obliged to warn the user about the inadmissibility of such behavior.
    2. If the user does not pay attention to the recommendation, he can be blocked for any period that the administrator or moderator considers fair.
    3. If spam is detected, the moderator or chat administrator has the right to delete the user's messages from the chat.
    4. The user can appeal the actions of the moderator in a special chat of the event, after which, in accordance with the rules of moderators and administrators, an appropriate decision will be made.

How the rating forms

  • For the first approved question for the speaker - 70 points
  • For each meeting - 50 points
  • For each message in the chat session - 5 points
  • For each message in the general chat - 5 points
  • For each message in a private chat - 5 points
  • Get 500 points and receive a free ticket to Startup Village 2022