Digital Society. Magnetism of Technological Development

11.04.2024 14:45

Millennials and Generation Z have witnessed technological advances that their predecessors would have considered science fiction, from the birth of the iPhone to the advent of unmanned cars. But the story of the “Alpha” generation may be even more incredible. Born in a new technological age, post-zoomers are growing up in a world where AI assistants are becoming the “norm.” Beginning with their childhood, they are offered interaction with robots, voice assistants and smart toys instead of dolls, construction blocks and educational books. It is becoming apparent that the next generation will live and function in a new digital age where the use of AI tools will become commonplace and will surprise no one. And the technological environment, previously shaped by the experiences of Generation Z, will now evolve to accommodate the demands of “Alphas” who will seek to adapt the digital world to their needs and ambitions. But in the age of digital intermediaries, how will relationships between people be built?

  • What is the “Alpha” generation like? Major Features and Characteristics.
  • How will education, labor market and consumption change under the influence of the new “Alpha” generation?
  • The Digital Native Generation. How will new technologies affect Alphas?
  • Will the friendships between people of the “Alpha” generation continue?